About RSD

About Red Star Development

Red Star Development develops primarily software on behalf of customers. The organization was founded on January 1, 2018 as a sole proprietorship. I am the owner of this enterprise. My name is Dave Schoorl and I am an experienced Java developer. To give you more insight in my qualities and experience, you can download and read my C.V. (sorry, Dutch language only).

Freelance assignments

I work on a freelance basis on location at the customer. Usually these are large, complex projects, in which I work within an existing, multidisciplinary ‘agile development team’.

Smaller assignments

In addition, I am also available for carrying out small assignments in the field of Java development. When desired, I can carry them out ín-house.

Open Source

I also like to contribute to Open Source projects. Sometimes that is a small contribution to an existing project, sometimes it is contributing a small library or application that I have published as Open Source.