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About Red Star Development

Red Star Development creates software on behalf of customers and at its own expense and risk. The company started on January 1, 2018 as a sole proprietorship. My name is Dave Schoorl and I am the owner of the company. I am an experienced (Full Stack) Java developer. To give you a better insight into my qualities and experience, you can download and read my CV (but beware, it’s in Dutch).

Freelance assignments

As a contractor, I often work on large, complex projects within a multidisciplinary 'agile development team'. In recent years, this has often taken a hybrid form: I work partly from home and partly at the client’s office. When working from home, I have contact with the team via meeting software, etc.

Smaller assignments

In addition, I am also available for carrying out small assignments in the field of Java development. I usually carry them out ín-house.

Open Source

I also like to contribute to open source projects. Sometimes this is a small contribution to an existing project, sometimes it is a small library or application that I have published as open source.


Red Star Development has developed the online application 'Digital-Ink', which supports users in their creative writing process. This software helps (aspiring) authors to write their novel. For more information and a demo video, check out https://www.digital-ink.app